A Jump Start Guide To Desk Marketing and Selling For SaaS

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Let the truth be told ­ SaaS businesses are amazing. Predictable recurring revenue, great margins and inbound marketing. Best of all, the ability to operate from India and sell to the world.

But a key challenge in sustaining and growing a SaaS business is effective marketing ­ you need to constantly drive the right traffic to your site, get people to trust your product, help them signup to see value and then eventually convert them into customers.

This guide will look at marketing, onboarding and selling methods to power your SaaS business. The goal of this guide will be to educate Indian SaaS entrepreneurs (beginners) on marketing their SaaS product to the US audience.

  • About This Guide

    • Authors

    • Contributors

    • Sponsors

    • Target Audience

  • Preparing For Sales & Marketing

    • SMB / Mid-Market - Customer Acquisition Model

    • Product Positioning

    • Freemium, Free Trial And Pricing

    • Pricing

    • Signup Qualification

  • Marketing: Where To Get Started

    • Your Product Website

    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    • Scaling Content Marketing

    • Social Channels

    • Retargeting And Marketplaces

    • Marketing Via Your Product

    • Marketing Team Composition

    • Channels To Ignore

  • SaaS Selling - The 3C Model

    • Getting The First Few Customers

    • Customer Development

    • Your Funnel

    • Facilitating Self Selection

    • Build Engagement

    • Engagement Metrics

    • Funnel Dropouts

    • Post Trial Activities

    • Closure

    • Sales Team Composition

  • Customer Service

  • Conclusion

  • SaaS Playbook Round Table Participants

  • Video : Desk Marketing & Selling Panel Discussion


Very useful information and thanks for putting this together. This is real nice way of giving back to the community.
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